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Continuous quality improvement is the driving force of our organizational policy. It is our aim to consistently achieve high standards of quality for products manufactured locally and services rendered to our clients thus meeting the needs of the market requirements. Quality Management encompasses company’s entire range of activities.

Good service has to start with streamlining and strengthening internal administration. The quality system in our organization means the organization of structures and procedures, areas of responsibility, and procedures and means for implementing QA. The quality system thus covers a wide field extending from product and process development through procurement, production, maintenance and quality control to logistics, marketing and customer service

The quality system is customer-used driven and involves all the employees at different levels from Managing Director up to a floor worker in the factory of Akij Jute Mills Ltd. (AJML). The true measure of quality at Akij Jute Mills Ltd. is to fulfill customer requirements through products of excellent quality and efficacy.

Because meeting customer requirements and the quality of our products and on-time delivery are and will continue to be the keys to our competitiveness for years to come. It is increasingly vital for us at Akij Jute Mills Ltd. to understand and use our quality management system to produce quality products. The first time and every time. To ensure that our quality management system will continue to provide a solid foundation for success, it is essential that we continually improve our quality Management system and related processes.

Quality Objective

This Quality objective is issued for the concern of all Officers and Staffs of this mill to achieve target production with highest quality :

  • CV of Count 2%, CV of Strength 10% & Individual Min QR 100%
  • Difference between Maximum QR and Min QR should not be more than 20% to 30% (From 4.8 lbs. To 10 lbs. 30%. And above 10 lbs. 20%)
  • Customer complains will be reduce to 0% for (nil position) the every year.
  • New recruited workers should be trained “How to fix correct knot” by QA Department and HR Department before engaged.
  • All the mill manager should work together with Jute, Mechanical and Q.A Department to achieve target production with quality. ie. there should be no compromise with quality.